Speech Technology

Why speech technology?

For most people, speech is in many situations the most natural and intuitive way of communicating. Using automatic speech recognition to allow fast, natural hands- and eyes-free interaction satisfies the intrinsic human need to control one’s environment and therefore has enormous business potential.


However, achieving this goal is not easy. And to make matters worse, all speech recognition engines produce a certain amount of errors on a regular basis. This does not mean that effective automatic speech interaction cannot be achieved – it just requires a deeper insight into the technology and how it works, how to minimize errors and how to design both the application and the interface to accommodate the shortcomings of the technology.

In addition, many companies find it difficult to assess the claims of the speech system manufacturers and as a result may fail to implement the technology to best effect or find that their eventual system does not bring the expected benefits.

You may just need an off-the-shelf system or a straightforward adaptation of a standard solution from one of the many good system suppliers. However, in some situations this will not be enough.

We can help

We can:

  • work closely with you to understand your unique situation and develop a specification that you can use in talking to potential suppliers
  • provide advice and support in choosing the right supplier
  • work with your chosen supplier to develop a custom solution that meets the specific requirements of your situation
  • work with you to optimize your system
  • assess your implemented system and make recommendations for how to improve it to obtain cost savings in your business
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